Protection of Reputation
& Defamation

One's reputation is a key asset in the modern world.

Banking Compliance discovers information about potential business partners available on the Internet or through specialized databases. Global corporations make use of such information in making decisions about joint ventures, financing, credit and the acquisition of assets. Our team has extensive expertise in risk management, including in compliance risk within the LexisNexis and World-Check systems.

The complex solutions we implement allow us to quickly locate and remove from the internet and media any unreliable information discrediting the honor, dignity or business reputation of our client, thereby, ensuring the presence of a positive information background on which to develop an effective media strategy.

It is well known that many legal conflicts include actions by opposing parties in media space to exert pressure on decision makers, discredit opponents, and shape alternative points of view. Experience shows that effective workflow management in this area, along with competent legal work, significantly increases the chances of a favorable outcome.

As attorneys, we work closely with clients going through just this sort of crisis. By closely managing the case, we plan and implement strategies to protect the client's reputation, marshalling all information resources to minimize the impact of the negative event. Such proactive steps allow the client to continue operating, with as little disruption to assets and workflow as possible.

We believe steps to protect one's reputation should be taken long before a crisis occurs. To be most effective, such preparation should include an integrated strategy involving the use of professionals in the field of mass communications, PR, and judicial representation. Drawing from our pool of experienced specialists, we will assemble the perfect team to safeguard your firm's reputation and prevent the crisis before it happens.

It should be noted that the solutions we develop, coupled with our advice on how to handle a public conflict arising in media space, have proven highly effective in socio-political activities and during election campaigns.
Reputation protection strategies and risk management

Reputation protection during media campaigns

Reputation protection and crisis communication during criminal prosecution

Judicial protection of honor and dignity, including bringing defamation or privacy claims through the courts

Lawsuits to ban publication of defamatory materials

Defamation litigation

Protecting the right of anonymity

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